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Big Daddy’s Hot Beef On A Bun

So here is the way it is, when I was 11 I got sick.  Really sick.  I was not allowed to eat any wheat, sugar, meats, and had to be given about 5 German tinctures a day with a random chalky shake my mom would make faithfully every morning for me before school.  We were new to the country and had no idea what those tinctures were made up of, other than natural ingredients in hopes to correct my troubled digestion and rid my intestines of the “mushrooms” that were growing in it.  This was the beginning of my journey.  My journey of eating differently than the other 11 year old kids in my class as well as my family.  My mom would make two different dinners every night.  One for me and one for the rest of the family.  This has continued on into my married life.  No, mom…

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Honey Toast Box @ What8ver Cafe!

Wands and Pliers

Today my friend and I finally made time for What8ver Cafe! Hidden at Union Square near Richmond Sushi, is a very small cafe with 5-6 tables. It is a Taiwanese cafe and it’s similar to other places like Pearl Castle, Well Tea, Bubble World- it sells bubble tea, snacks, and small meals.  We made a reservation just in case and we were seated on time.

We hunted down What8ver Cafe to try their Toast Box! It’s not on the menu, so you have to ask for it.  It costs $7.99.

There are three flavours- original (honey), strawberry, and matcha. We opted for the original one since it’s our first time. It’s a huge box of toast, and shared it between my friend and there were still some left over. On the topping is strawberries, whipped cream, bananas, pocky, an oreo cookie, and a scoop of frozen ice cream with…

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Korea: Korean Folk Village with the Folks

Byron and his backpacks

Day 6 (29/4/11)

This day surprised me.

When I planned out the trip for my parents I felt fairly confident what their highlights would be. For Mom it would be seeing Oyu School (and it was), meeting Kathy (also true), and Beomeosa Temple in Busan (yes again) whereas for Dad I knew he’d enjoy the speed of the KTX (“it doesn’t feel like its going 300km/hour”) and the DMZ (we’ll get to that).
What I hadn’t considered was how much they’d both enjoy the day we spent at the Korean Folk Village.

The Korean Folk Village is located just outside of Suwon, or at least so I thought. We hopped in a taxi and gave him the address, this should have been an easy, 15 minute and 15 000 Won ride tops. Every Korean taxi boasts a GPS system and I suspect many couldn’t find their way to…

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Too Much Cheese: Part 2

The Confluent Kitchen

Based on my previously documented plethora of cheese, I decided that the next meal delivery device could only be Macaroni and Cheese. I put the ricotta, the goat, and a little bit of cheddar in it. It was a strange combo, I grant you, but it was delicious.  Nothing fancy. I boiled up some rigatoni, made a quick bechamel, then threw in some sliced mushrooms.. and melted the fruits of this week’s labors.. I meant the cheese just in case there was confusion..

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A.S.A.D.: 26FEB2012

Strawberry Heart Shortcake Cupcakes

Food Safari

Strawberry Heart ShortcakeCupcakes. That was a mouthful of words, wasn’t it? And a mouthful of buttery goodness with each bite I promise you. I have mentioned before that I will be making a post-Valentine treat using a recipe my friend gave me.  A little over a month ago, I baked the Rainbow Cake as a challenge to myself. In fact, if I wasn’t mistaken that was my very first post about baking. The result was pleasing and impressed friends ( thank you :)), and so I was given another recipe to try by the same friend. The strawberry heart shortcake cupcake. Of course I said yes and thought about doing it for Valentine’s Day. I didn’t and instead made my traditional Valentine’s treat, Sweetheart Scones and promised my friend I’ll make the shortcake cupcakes as post-Valentine’s treat. After almost two weeks since then, I finally made them today, for his…

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Better Food, Better Life

flying petals ~

I was trying to come up with a creative title and I came up with this. LOL It’s Hmart’s slogan……
but I think it’s a perfect fit. 🙂 My parents just came home after shopping at BJ’s with food!♥ Fresh produce, fruits, my favorite Chobani yogurt, lettuce, eggs, and the list goes on. I feel so motivated right now to eat better. I’m going to eat some of these tomatoes and go to sleep!

My diet has been so bad lately. More than half of the things I eat are cookies, ice cream, chocolate, those fatty stuff. It’s not that I like eating these things but since no one gives me food or cooks for me. 😥 I have to start being independent. Even though my mom doesn’t cook for me, I won’t eat those things. I’m going to try cooking for myself. AND~~~~ from tomorrow,


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